Dog Owners Alert!

Man’s Best Friend – Dog Owners Alert!
Guest bog by Danielle Lancaster

It is no secret I am a dog lover. Dogs are people animals, and I am a people person.

Dog owners need to take heed!

Cats on the other hand are a place animal. They like having their home, a reclusive residence they can retreat too. I’ve never found my sense of place tied to a location. Rather I’ve found it journeys  with me. That place may be a wide open beach where the wind and surf whispers in my ear, or maybe an arid outback parched from a scorching day’s sun or maybe an isolated community in a culture and country afar.

The hard fact is more and more places are being placed under the ‘No Dogs Allowed’ banner. Why? Because so many people don’t follow the rules. It’s a fact that I have to say annoys me big time, it’s simply not that hard.

How do you remain a responsible dog owner while travelling? Here’s the first few steps to a hassle free travelling experience with your four-legged friend.

First and foremost is Obey the Rules.
If you obey the rules for an area the longer dogs will be allowed.

Check the rules of where you are travelling through/staying. Should your dog be kept on a leash, should your dog food be stored in an airtight/animal proof container, should waste be cleaned up? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before setting off.

Secondly, make sure your dog is Social. That is, they meet other dogs and their owners with a wag of their tail and a sniff in all the right places. Barred teeth, dripping gums and eyes that could kill are all negative signs.

Thirdly Be Responsible – know where your dog is! Sounds unassuming but I have been in many a campsite, house, and unit and seen a dog or two trotting down the road (and not a native one), their owner nowhere to be seen. Remember that modern day dogs are still very closely related to their canine ancestors – wolves. They still have a strong hunting instinct, and unfortunately dogs do kill wildlife. Recently during the bush fires on North Stradbroke Island we heard the sad story of a koala dying after being mauled by a dog .

Have Special Time with your ‘friend’. Taking time out for a walk, swim whatever that play time is rewards in heaps and bounds.

All in all it’s not that hard to follow a few rules if we wish our best mate to accompany us. Let’s keep areas open to dog owners who are responsible owners. We have so much fun with them out and about and they love us for it. Please dog owners let’s do the right thing!


Above: Responsible dog owners on North Stradbroke Island

danielleAbove: the Author Danielle Lancaster and her dog Tilly.




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