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Moreton Island Update

Update from Queensland NPWS re Moreton Island

Update from Queensland NPWS re Moreton Island:

‘The sand roads on Moreton Island are currently soft, dry and boggy. Please ensure that you prepare your vehicle before arriving on the island and bring your own recovery gear. Tyres should be deflated whilst on the vehicle barge. Engage 4WD at all times. There is no vehicle recovery service or mechanic available on the island.’

For more info visit www.nprsr.qld.gov.au


Beaches soft and boggy on Moreton IslandMoreton Island is a remote Island situated only 40 kilometres off Brisbane. If you love the sand, you’ll love Moreton as that’s all you have got here in the way of tracks.
When it’s dry the conditions can get very tough going. Ensure you take recovery gear, know how to use it and are an experienced sand driver or under the training of someone who is.

Check out our section on Sand Driving tips in 4WDCTB.

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